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How to choose the right type of flooring for individual parts of the apartment or house?

Whether you are building a new house or renovating, the floor is the most distinctive element of the interior after the walls and an integral part of the home. The floor has a significant influence not only on the aesthetics of your home, the overall atmosphere, but also on safety. However, not all flooring is created equal, and with so many options available today, choosing the right type of flooring for each room can be daunting.

Double doors and floors

What should be kept in mind before buying a floor?

Floor according to the function of the room

As you consider the function of the room before furnishing it, you will need to determine what activity the floor in the room will be affected by.

For example, if you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, the floor can quickly become greasy and dirty. You will probably think about a floor that is easy to clean and non-slip. After

The floor in the children's room will probably be used a lot, so on the one hand, the surface should be resistant to scratching by various toys or electric cars , but at the same time comfortable for the children's feet, safe for health and, of course, warm and cozy, so that the children do not catch a cold.

If seniors will be staying in the room, they also want to consider slip-resistant floors. Also, avoid hard materials such as stone and ceramic, which exacerbate the effects of any fall.

Focus on maintenance

Some types of flooring, such as tiles, are easy to clean, while wooden floors will need to be sanded and varnished from time to time. If you don't want to worry about maintenance, consider floor coverings that require less maintenance.

Durability of the floor

If you frequently renovate your home, choosing a floor will be different from someone who wants to keep the same look for a long time. Therefore, when remodeling frequently, focus on floors that can be removed more easily.

If you want to keep the floor for several years, choose durable floors. Vinyl floors, natural stone or ceramic tiles are suitable.

Consider your budget

Some floors and their installation can be expensive. In addition to installation, you also need to consider the cost of keeping the floor in the best possible condition. Here again, wooden floors will require more maintenance compared to ceramic tiles. Carpets may be cheaper, but they require more effort to clean. It is therefore absolutely necessary to think about how much you are able to invest in a new floor.

Follow the trends

Last but not least, keep an eye on what's currently on offer and what's "in" right now. The market for products and the constant development of new technologies is growing, and floors that were not suitable for bathrooms 10 years ago can be suitable for use in these spaces today.

An example of a current trend that many people are considering is the environmental friendliness of the product. If you fall into this category, look for natural and recyclable flooring such as cork or bamboo flooring.

Don't be afraid to try something different. Trying something new and bold is a great way to play with design and take your home space to the next level.

Experiment in a children's room, for example. Choose an interesting decor that will go well with colorful walls and children's furniture .

Selection of flooring for individual rooms

new wooden floor

Floor to hall / corridor

​​The hall is the area in the home with the most traffic, and the floor is often exposed to dirt and wear. The choice of floor should therefore be based on resistance to damage, abrasion and dirt. We also recommend avoiding very light single-colored surfaces (dirt is more visible) and prefer darker colors.

Ceramic tiles and hard lacquered wood are an elegant, timeless and traditional choice for a space that creates the first impression of your home. They are of high quality and at the same time take care of appearance and aesthetics.

Kitchen floor

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is a place to prepare meals, meet, hang out, entertain and simply serves as the center of your daily life.

Kitchen floors are constantly exposed to various risks. Whether it's sharp falling knives, spilled liquids or broken plates. So a floor that is durable, robust and able to handle any minor accident is a must.

For hygienic reasons, the kitchen floor covering should also be able to handle intensive cleaning. In addition, it should be waterproof, non-slip and in terms of design should match the rest of the apartment.

Regardless of whether you choose laminate or vinyl flooring, your kitchen floor should last for several years.

If you have an open kitchen connected to the living room, it is a good idea to use the same floor covering in both rooms. Not only will you create a calming impression, but you will also visually enlarge your space.

Living room floor

The living room is, together with the kitchen, another important room in the house. It is a place to rest, read, sit, meet friends, but it can also be used for children to play. The floor covering in your living room should therefore be multifunctional to handle all aspects of your family life and at the same time create an overall harmonious impression together with the furniture.

The floor covering should:

  • look good and match the furniture,

  • be of good quality and resistant to scratches and wear,

  • to be comfortable and warm underfoot,

  • be easy to care for,

  • be non-slip

  • absorb the noise.

You really have a sea of ​​options to choose from, from elegant designs to warm colors to countless finishes and textures. This will certainly please all members of the family.

With proper care, laminate, vinyl and wood floors can last many years into the future.

Modern living room

Bedroom floor

Since you spend about a third of your day in your bedroom, in addition to a comfortable bed and soft pillows, you deserve the perfect floor that will meet all your needs while also reflecting your personal style.

The floor covering in the bedroom should be:

  • pleasantly warm and comfortable for the feet,

  • resistant to stains, dust and dirt,

  • low maintenance,

  • harmless to health, suitable for allergy sufferers.

The clear favorites for floor coverings in the bedroom are parquets, which look natural, are pleasant, cozy and great for walking barefoot. High-quality laminate is also suitable as a practical alternative to parquet with a huge selection of different decorations. Cork floors ensure maximum comfort, warmth underfoot, cozy and healthy living. And for even more coziness, you can also use small rugs.

Floor for the children's room

Choosing the ideal floor covering for a child's room is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. For your child, you definitely want to choose a floor that will be cozy, but at the same time easy to maintain. It is important to choose a material that satisfies all your requirements.

Playing, frolicking, running and jumping up and down - the floor covering in the children's room simply has to handle it all. While children will appreciate the "cool" look, practical aspects are more important to parents. Which floor coverings best meet the challenges of children's and teenage rooms?

The floor covering in the children's room should:

  • appear modern and be as comfortable as possible,

  • be easy to maintain,

  • be comfortable and pleasant to the touch,

  • non-slip,

  • be resistant to the wild movement of children, heavy furniture and accessories, such as a children's climbing wall , 

  • harmless to health, suitable for allergy sufferers.

Cork is a great choice for a children's room. It is a natural, healthy material, warm underfoot, elastic and yet quite durable.

Even wooden parquets are perfect for a children's room. Especially those that are well oiled and varnished and last a while. As it is another natural floor covering without harmful substances, it has a positive effect on the overall indoor climate. However, parquet floors will need to be re-sanded once in a while to make them look like new again. You can protect parquet floors with a carpet or a protective floor mat. In any case, you should make sure to choose a non-toxic rug for your child's room. Nevertheless, tiles or natural stone are practical and almost indestructible, but relatively hard and cold.

Kids room

Office floor

The floor covering in the office or study should be:

  • scratch-resistant, so that the legs of the chair with wheels do not cause scratches,

  • hard and stable so that heavy furniture does not leave any indentations,

  • easy to maintain.

A suitable material is laminate, tiles or linoleum. If you decide on cork or wood, remember that these floors need to be pre-treated and a particularly durable top layer applied to them.

The floor of your home office should be practical, comfortable, beautiful and should coordinate well with the office furniture. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, choose a type of material that has good soundproofing properties. Carpets, which can absorb noise, are a nice addition.

Bathroom floor

The bathroom is where you want to relax and unwind, and where the kids can splash and frolic in the tub. It's where comfort is likely to be most important to you.

What makes a good bathroom floor?

  • The covering should be waterproof.

  • It should be slip resistant to avoid accidents.

  • The floor must be able to handle frequent and regular cleaning.

In no other room in the house does the floor have to deal with water more than the bathroom. It is therefore logical that the materials used in the bathroom must withstand wetness and humidity. Vinyl floors allow you to take a bath without worrying about damaging the floor.

Tiles are a classic and an ideal choice for damp rooms. However, replacement can be time-consuming and expensive.

Optimal comfort can be found in a floor that radiates warmth and well-being at the same time. Wooden floors evoke a pleasant atmosphere. Although they are natural, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, they are not exactly the best floor for the bathroom. Even cork floors are not ideal, they are not resistant to moisture and can swell.

Modern bathroom

Flooring for pet owners

If you have pets, an easy-to-maintain surface is essential. Some dog breeds lose a lot of fur, others have sharp claws that can scratch the floor quickly. Therefore, when choosing a floor, think about the practicality and strength of the surface, which will be sufficiently durable.

Scratch resistance is one thing, it's also important that your floor is easy to clean and vacuum. Use a quality vacuum cleaner and special brushes to remove fur and hair.

What flooring is best for pets?

  • Carpets are soft and warm, but more demanding to maintain.

  • Parquets and cork are natural and pleasant to the surface, but not very resistant to scratches and can swell when wet.

  • Linoleum is strong and robust, but does not offer a rich selection of designs.

  • PVC and vinyl floors are easy to care for, but they are made of plastic and may contain unhealthy substances.

  • The tiles are scratch-resistant and robust, on the other hand, hard and cool.

Our tip

Pet owners are advised to choose well-sealed laminate or quality vinyl or PVC flooring. You can choose your preferred surface structure, which is non-slip, at the same time the individual plates can be easily replaced in case of heavy wear.

As you can see, choosing the right flooring for different rooms in your home will depend on various factors such as your budget, lifespan, maintenance, durability, but also the overall look and feel. Whatever you decide, we hope that our tips will make your choice easier and you will choose floor coverings that will meet all your requirements and your style. And if, in addition to the floor, you also need to paint, you can calculate the price online in our calculator and Adam will get you a certified painter the very next day.



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