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Why should you become one of Adam's partnered painters?

Your time is valuable to us –  we double-check everything with the client before you go to a job.

Be your own boss – there is no minimum number of completed jobs. You only choose the ones you want and when you are available.

No registration or monthly fees – you only pay a service fee from the jobs you actually complete.

Frequently asked questions

When will I be eligible to get a job request?

Roughly one week from registering on this website. We will contact you in a few days to explain everything and to answer any other questions you might have. You will then prove your identity by sending us a copy of an ID document like a passport or driving licence. You will also tell us about your experience, so we can give you the appropriate jobs.

How does the system work?

After a client submits a request, we call them, discuss the job details and give them a precise price estimate based on the information they provide. We then match the request with the most suitable painter in the area.

If we call you, it means that you are the best painter for the job! During the call, we share all the job details, including the price and the start date. Now all you need to do is accept, and the job is yours. You then travel to the client with our one-page order form (we’ll share the form with you before your first job) and you and the client confirm the price and sign the form. The same one-page form includes the handover record that needs to be signed after the job is finished. This helps us make sure everything has been done to your customer’s satisfaction.


Once you e-mail us a photo of the record, we will issue the payment request on your behalf and share the payment request with the client. Adam takes care of the payment so you don’t have to. The client transfers the money onto our account (by wire transfer or card online).

How do I get paid?

You get paid every second Wednesday (so every two weeks) using the bank account you provided to us. The payment will be summed for all the jobs you completed in the preceding two weeks. It will not include the cost of materials, as those will be dealt with based on your agreement with the client.

Do I pay anything to Adam?

You don’t pay any fixed or monthly fees! This is our main advantage over our competitors, as they charge high fees even when a job is not guaranteed. We automatically deduct service fees only from finished jobs (based on your work, not materials), meaning you don’t have to worry about sending us any money.

Do I set my own prices for jobs with Adam?

Jobs you receive already have price estimates created using our online calculator using the info the client provided. If you arrive at a job but it doesn’t match the description, you can adjust your price accordingly. However, you need to do this before you start the job, and the client needs to sign to approve the new pricing.

Who provides the paint/wallpaper? 

This varies from job to job. It’s usually based on agreement between you and the customer. Materials are not included in the estimate so we will ask the client what they prefer.

Do I have to accept every job I get through Adam? 

Absolutely not. If we contact you about a specific job, it is up to you whether to take it or not. There is no penalty for declining a job. You are not competing with other painters, unlike on other platforms. You can give us a schedule showing when you are available and we will adjust the job offers accordingly.

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