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What Colours should you choose for your Kitchen?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing colours for the kitchen is what you and other members of your household like. In other words, what colours will make you feel at home? There is not just one answer, and together we will show you some tips to help you make sure that the kitchen is a space everyone will love.

painting kitchen

Where can find inspiration for a new kitchen?

The first step towards decorating your future kitchen begins with the design. Use any inspiration you come across; from a friend’s house to browsing on instagram, looking through a magazine, or even your favourite cafe! Use your imagination, we all have an ideal vision of what we would like our home to look like, and we want to help you make it a reality!

Nowadays, there are many practical online tools that you can use for designing your kitchen. These will allow you to adjust your preferences and help you see the final product of what your future kitchen can look like. With some of these programs, you can even create a 3D design of your new kitchen, to get the full view!

What colours should you use for your kitchen?

Apart from orange, classic kitchen colours include red, yellow or green. All these colours foster the appetite and have a stimulating effect, which is exactly what we need in the kitchen! In the case of smaller kitchens or kitchens with a modern design, you can leave the walls pure white. In this way, the entire space becomes luminous and optically enlarged.

colorful kitchen

Kitchens with modern designs can also handle cold colours!

A modern kitchen allows much more flexibility and experimentation when it comes to design. Of course, you always have to take into account how much space is available to you. Smaller kitchens require lighter colours. However, on the other hand, in larger spaces, you can go overboard. When choosing the right colour for your kitchen, remember that you will see it and (sit in it), every day.

If your kitchen is large and connected to the living area, try to coordinate the colours in both rooms, so that they complement each other. In a larger kitchen, you can easily afford to use vibrant colours such as blue, green or even purple! However, if you are looking to give your kitchen a chic and contemporary look, you can always rely on light pastel shades in combination with warm colours.

Kitchen furniture and appliances can also be colourful

We are not limited by walls when it comes to deciding on what colour palette we want to choose for our kitchen. Think about how appliances, cabinets and other equipment will fit into the overall design of your kitchen. Different colours will have different effects, when combined with modern designer furniture, or retro kitchen appliances. Keep your colour scheme in line with the general decor in your home.

Colourful appliances are IN

Are you bored of white and stainless steel classics in the kitchen? Would you like to try something different? Replace your white fridge with a red or even a pink one. Even a microwave oven in turquoise can beautifully upgrade drab space. Red, for example, is one of the most popular colours used for kitchen appliances.

You will certainly come across a red kettle, iron, and even a washing machine that can be built into the kitchen unit. It all depends on your imagination. But if you don't feel too confident in your choice of colours, choose one well designed, signature piece of furniture and stick to classic colours for the rest of your appliances. You will see that even this alone will elevate the design of your kitchen so much that friends and acquaintances will praise your taste!

colorful appliances in a room

Modern Shades for Kitchen Appliances

Bright furniture fits into every kitchen. You can include rustic, wooden pieces and combine them with white laminate or good-looking pastel shades. You don't have to be afraid of colourful kitchen furniture. From shades of mint, to light blue, or even red and pink, any one of these colours will give your kitchen a contemporary and fun look!

Rustic decor is a must have in every kitchen! It is easily matched with any colour scheme and always creates the sense of a cosy space where the whole family can enjoy quality time together. Just like with choosing wall colours, we recommend complementing the use of dark colours with warm shades, when it comes to choosing your kitchen appliances. For example, if you choose a darker colour for your countertop, such as blue or green, make sure you complement it with gold finishes. These will give your kitchen a luxurious touch, without looking over-the-top!

Original Decoration for Your Kitchen

Kitchen decorations are not just decorative cups and jars that we remember from our grandmothers' homes. Don't be afraid to use wallpaper or to hang up designer prints in wooden frames, they will complement the interior and give your kitchen a contemporary look!

If you have an open concept kitchen that connects to your living room, don't be afraid to bet on similar decorative elements that can be used throughout the space. This will provide a sense of continuity in both rooms, and give an overall cosy and homelike feeling to the whole space.

Don't be afraid to try new things and DIY your kitchen decorations! Fasten a wooden frame around the kitchen utensil holder and suddenly you have an original picture in the world that you won't find in any other kitchen. The kitchen equipment itself can be a decorative element. For example, a retro refrigerator built into a modern kitchen interior can look really interesting.



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