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Tips on how to furnish your home in Scandinavian style!

Scandinavian style is a very popular design choice today and its popularity continues to grow. Regardless of your budget or the size of your home, you too can create a Scandinavian style interior. Do you want to know how to arrange your home so that it is cosy, full of light, and without losing its modern touch? Get inspired by the following tips for a Scandinavian living style that you will definitely love.

Scandinavian living style

What is the Scandinavian style?

If you believe that "there is beauty in simplicity" and "less is sometimes more”, then the Scandinavian design is exactly for you. This northern European style is guided by these mottos. Functionality plays an extremely important role, it is perfectly complemented by simplicity and minimalism, thanks to which your home will look elegant, modern, and pleasant.

Scandinavian interiors contain just the right amount of furniture and decorations – nothing over the top. The main purpose of Scandinavian design is to improve our everyday life and to be satisfied with what we already have, no need for excess spending or clutter!

5 key factors in Scandinavian designs

The main elements of Scandinavian design are, as we have already mentioned, multifunctionality,simplicity, and aesthetics. Most Nordic style designs favour natural materials, but also traditional patterns and a few bright colour features, here and there.

Minimalistic painting

Characteristics and elements of Scandinavian design:

  • Minimalistic aesthetics

  • Discreet design

  • Light, neutral colours

  • Muted dark shades reminiscent of the Nordic countryside

  • Airy spaces full of light

  • Wooden furniture and wooden accents

  • Multifunctional and flexible design

  • Comfortable furniture

  • Greenery and natural textiles

  • Steel or copper accents

  • Works of art as dominant elements in rooms

5 Key Elements to Consider if you want to Recreate this Style in Your Home:

1. Lighting

An important factor that should definitely not be forgotten when implementing a Nordic design at home is lighting. Natural daylight is a rare commodity for Scandinavians during the long winter months, so people try to make the most of the little light they have. Houses in Scandinavia are therefore designed to soak in all of the light. Try to avoid blinds or heavy curtains that prevent natural light from entering the windows. Translucent fabrics or light and airy curtains will help you achieve the breezy, modern design you were hoping for.

2. Colour palette

Due to the need for light, your colour palette should revolve around neutral tones such as white, grey, beige, and cream. If you are looking to add a bit of colour, try pastel shades, such as soft brown or light green. When it comes to accessories such as pillows, blankets, vases, or candles, you can try using mustard yellow, or brick red, which will not seem excessive, but at the same time will fulfil its purpose.

However, the absolute foundation of a Scandinavian home is white, which is found on most furniture, walls, and floors. Black-framed artwork looks amazing against white walls and helps define a space.

3. Natural materials

Nature is certainly one of the main sources of inspiration when furnishing spaces in a Nordic style. The use of natural materials such as wood, fur, leather, and wool is preferred and has a special place in Scandinavian decor. Floors, dining tables, and chairs are made from wood, fur and wool are used for various carpets, bedspreads, and blankets.

When it comes to motifs and patterns, Scandinavian home decor is simple. Wooden accessories and floors can be combined with metallic elements. These little details will give your home’s design a contemporary twist.

4. Simplicity

Scandinavians do not over-decorate, what is important is good workmanship. The accessories and decorations chosen should be simple, authentic, and well-made. However, this does not mean that the Scandinavian-style home is boring, the charm lies in the beauty and integrity of the given piece.

5. Functionality

Instead of having a lot of unnecessary elements gathering dust in your home, try to declutter and focus on the practicality of your decorative pieces. For example, multi-level shelves, mirrors, folding tables with built-in storage space, will come in handy.

Tidiness and cleanliness are inherent to the Scandinavian style. Therefore, if you have pets, don't forget to get a good hair remover.

Scandinavian style in the home

A little bit of green

Living room

Typically, a Scandinavian-style living room has wooden floors and follows a pale, natural colour palette, with white walls, large, spacious windows that flood the interior with natural light, and simple decorations that help create a light and airy space. Darker features, such as bold lighting, and designer furniture are also present in Nordic living rooms.

How do you create a Scandinavian living room?

  • Clear the room of clutter and unnecessary items

  • If possible, paint the walls white or a light neutral colour

  • Apply wooden floors if you can

  • Add a rug for a cosy feel

  • Complement existing furniture with natural textiles such as fur or wool

  • Choose a feature floor hanging lamp that will brighten up the space

  • Choose a few simple items to decorate the shelves

  • Don't be afraid to hang up artwork on the walls

  • Use muted blue accents that contrast with lighter shades.

  • Add earthy greens, for a more natural look


A Scandinavian kitchen is the embodiment of simplicity and functionality. Kitchens in this style pride themselves in their use of light shades, wooden surfaces, and clean lines. Elegant metal chairs, dark cabinets, patterned tiles, and well-chosen kitchenware and accessories take center stage.

How do you create a Scandinavian kitchen?

  • White or light neutral shades on the walls

  • Light cabinet colours for a brighter look, darker cabinets to create a strong contrast

  • Wooden floor - you can use imitation or high-quality vinyl in the form of wood

  • Use clever storage solutions for glasses and kitchen utensils

  • Hang a minimalist clock on the wall

  • Use a spacious wooden dining table with comfortable dining chairs will create a cosy family atmosphere


Scandinavian bedroom designs include several elements that provide maximum comfort. Natural textiles, warm blankets, a wooden floor, and a plush carpet easily transform a bedroom into an oasis of peace. Decorative features, such as wall art, plants, and natural light complete the finishing touches needed in a Nordic-style bedroom.

How do you create a Scandinavian bedroom?

  • Get a quality woollen bedspread

  • Choose a simple bedside table for a minimalist lamp

  • Choose decorations and materials with light neutral colours

  • For the walls, choose artwork such as black and white photographs or typographies

  • Add a plant or two to bring a bit of nature into the room

  • Keep things simple and plain, but don't be afraid to add some decorative elements

Inspiration: The wardrobe is often influenced by the Scandinavian style of living, which often includes a capsule wardrobe with timeless pieces of clothing, natural materials, or simple accessories such as beautiful watches, necklaces, and rings.


Like bedrooms and kitchens, a Scandinavian bathroom design focuses on simplicity and functionality. White walls and/or white tiles, wooden cabinets, or light furniture with wooden elements. Plants, shelving systems, and minimalist candlesticks are often found in Scandinavian bathrooms.

Candle light

How do you create a Scandinavian bathroom?

  • White walls

  • Wall and floor tiles

  • Wooden furniture

  • Open shelves that offer storage space and quick access to essentials

  • Minimalist lighting with metal elements

  • Scented candles

Children's bedroom

Don't forget to create a soothing room for your little ones as well. The elegant simplicity of a Scandi-style children's room creates a perfect space suitable for children and makes cleaning easier.

What should not be missing in a children's room inspired by the Scandinavian style?

  • A cosy wooden cot in with neutral colours for bedding

  • Multifunctional and practical furniture that can save a lot of space

  • Simple toys made of natural materials

Outdoor area

Your outdoor corner is another space in the home where you can connect with nature and the landscape around you. Whether you have a garden or a balcony, use it as an opportunity to create the perfect oasis for your comfort and relaxation. Consider small tables and chairs with linen cushions and plenty of greenery. If you have space, choose hammocks and complement them with a cosy bedspread or comfortable blankets.

Stylish combinations

Today, Scandinavian home design can also be used in various combinations with other interior design styles.


Boho - Scandi is a slightly more lively style, full of layers, but calm and cosy in appearance. The Colour scheme is mostly monochromatic and neutral, as well as all the decorations we know from bohemian interiors.

Industrial style

In industrial style, on the other hand, steel and chrome elements are often combined with overall natural features. The combination is so striking, that it makes the spaces feel airy and spacious.

Japandi style

Japandi style is a combination of Scandinavian aesthetics with the naturalness of Japanese style. It is dominated by natural materials, straight and clean lines, and neutral colours and the minimal use of patterns.

Why is Scandinavian design so popular?

Scandinavian design is versatile. It not only creates bright and airy interiors, but it is also suitable for modern living spaces that require simple, functional, and timeless finishes, all while offering enough space for self-expression.



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