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Former Bolt managers challenge the Irish painting services market by creating the Adam platform

Forget about confusing price lists and long waiting times, former Bolt managers Jakub Dvorak and Roman Sysel are headed towards Ireland to modernise the home renovation industry. The PainterAdam platform allows you to find a professional and quality assured painter within a day of placing your order, with just a few clicks. Challenging their competitors and securing their own place in the Irish market.

The team at Adam will help you get a qualified painter at the best price the next day with just a few clicks.

Roman Sysel and Jakub Dvorak formed part of the launching team for the Estonian start-up, Bolt, which has become one of the largest transport platforms in Europe. Sysel joined Bolt in 2015 as the first employee in the Central European region, and worked directly with founder Markus Villig. Dvorak joined the start-up a few months later, and together they contributed to Bolt's rapid growth in the Central and Eastern European region.

The success of Bolt encouraged them to come up with their own ideas and so, after tackling transport, they decided to modernise the world of interior decorating and painting. With the launch of Adam, they created a platform that would connect homeowners with experienced painters, without all of the roadblocks that come with traditional interior decorating companies. By creating a user-friendly and transparent online calculator, they save customers the hassle of having to fight for a place on long waiting lists or being swamped with calls from different painters. Anyone can access the calculator to find out the price of their desired job and submit their request, in just a few clicks. Once that’s done, Adam connects the customer with a painter who will be available at their desired time and location. The platform already operates successfully in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Great Britain.

“We are building the future of painting services. We see some gaps in how the Irish market functions. Painting often needs to be arranged long in advance, the services are expensive, and the final price is not always agreed with the client beforehand. This was also the case in the countries where we already operate, which is why we are constantly improving the whole process and trying to create a market that functions properly for both customers and painters. Expanding to the Irish market is definitely a challenge, but the results show it was a good move and we believe the platform will also be successful in the United Kingdom,” explains co-founder Jakub Dvorak.

In Ireland, the platform is already available in Dublin and Cork, where painting services can be ordered at The launch was preceded by a pilot period during which the platform completed hundreds of successful orders in the two cities.

“We are aware that we're entering a very competitive market full of platforms that at first sight might seem similar to ours. Yet, we see that the current platforms don’t actually bring any significant added value for the customers or the professionals offering painting and decorating services. Customers still have to spend time searching for the ideal professional among a flood of price offers, while professionals also have to spend time sending out offers to the myriad customers requesting their services. We want to make it as easy as possible for both sides. This means the customers will know the final price in advance and place their order with one click, while the painters will do only what they do best and what brings them money - painting. Put simply, Adam will take care of the entire administration, communication, invoicing and customer support, for both parties” says co-founder Roman Sysel, highlighting the platform’s competitive advantage and how they plan to secure their position in the Irish market.



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