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A trade in hand finds gold in every land! After a successful launch, the Adam platform is expanding

Adam, an innovative platform that helps people find trusted painters, is excited to announce that they will be expanding their services to two new cities in Ireland; Limerick and Galway. This comes after a successful start in Dublin and Cork, where Adam has already made a big impact.

Adam connects customers with skilled painters and has been praised for their excellent service and easy-to-use website, People in Dublin and Cork have already benefited from their platform, and now residents of Limerick and Galway will also have the opportunity to use Adam's services.

In Dublin and Cork, Adam has already achieved the remarkable ability to provide painters within the next day, ensuring a quick and efficient service for their customers. Building on this success, Adam aims to replicate the same level of service in Limerick and Galway, within a week of placing an order. In the near future, Adam's goal is to deliver painters in these new cities within a day, just as they do in Dublin and Cork, further enhancing the convenience for their customers.

Adam's expansion to Limerick and Galway showcases their dedication to serving customers throughout Ireland. With a track record of serving dozens of clients in Dublin and Cork every week, Adam has recognized the increasing demand for their services and made the strategic decision to expand further. By partnering with reliable painters in Limerick and Galway, Adam ensures that residents in these cities have access to high-quality professionals who can expertly transform their spaces with their exceptional painting.

"We are very excited to bring Adam to the people of Limerick and Galway. Since our successful launch in Dublin and Cork, we have received a lot of interest from customers and painters in these new cities. Expanding to Limerick and Galway was the next step for us, and we are looking forward to helping people in these communities," said Jakub Dvořák, co-founder of Adam.

This expansion is a significant milestone for Adam as they continue to revolutionise the painting industry in Ireland. Their user-friendly website, and transparent pricing have already made a big difference for customers, making the process of finding a painter much easier. With Limerick and Galway now on board, Adam is set to provide a convenient and reliable painting experience for even more people in Ireland.

"We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from customers and painters in Dublin and Cork. It has motivated us to expand our services to other cities in Ireland. We are confident that the people of Limerick and Galway will embrace Adam and appreciate its convenience when it comes to booking their painting needs," added Roman Sysel, co-founder of Adam.

Adam's mission is to improve the painting industry by connecting customers with trusted painters and ensuring customer satisfaction. With their successful launch and plans for further expansion, Adam is on track to become a well-known name in the Irish painting market.

About Adam

The platform connects customers with verified interior painters. Long waiting times and complex craftsmanship price lists are replaced by a simple and transparent online calculator that immediately displays the estimated painting cost to the customer and allows them to request a painter's service with just one click. Subsequently, Adam connects the customer with a painter available in the desired timeframe and location.

The service was founded by Roman Sysel and Jakub Dvořák, who were behind the introduction and development of the Estonian application Bolt in the Czech Republic and the Central and Eastern European region.



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