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9 mistakes to avoid when renovating your home

It is easier to avoid mistakes than to correct them. If you have inherited or bought an older house, you are probably planning a renovation. Renovating a house is neither cheap nor easy. There are a number of factors you need to consider before you even start to avoid mistakes. If you need advice on what to watch out for, then you've come to the right place.

construction plans

Why is reconstruction better than new construction?

Whether reconstruction or new construction is better depends on several factors. If the house is in relatively good condition, it is natural to choose reconstruction. However, if you want to tear down partitions because the house is in really bad shape, or change the orientation of the house, it may be better to tear it down and build a new house.

In addition, the reconstruction will preserve the original atmosphere of the house. You certainly have an emotional attachment to the house you inherited, so it would be best to preserve as much as possible of the original environment of which you have fond memories.

The need for reconstruction can also come with the fact that you or someone in your household becomes disabled. It may be that you need to make your home accessible. In this case, the state will also help you with finances.

Unrealistic imaginations

This is clearly the first and absolutely the most common mistake. People often imagine things too simply and then get disappointed when the result is not what they imagined. It's natural that you want to live like a magazine, but you mustn't forget that the pictures in magazines are just arranged and in real life you have to think about practicality.

In accordance with the law

Renovation, like any major repair, is called construction and is therefore subject to the Building Code. Be aware of when and what permits you will need.

What permit do you need for renovation?

You need a building permit:

  • for buildings of any kind, regardless of their construction technical design, purpose and duration

  • when changing buildings, especially during extensions, additions and building modifications

  • for building modifications, in particular demolition work, during which the appearance, spatial arrangement of the apartment, the way of use are changed, by interfering with the supporting structures


In certain cases, the building authority is only required to notify the building:

  • for small constructions that fulfill a supplementary function to the main construction and that cannot significantly affect the environment

  • in the case of construction modifications that do not significantly change the appearance of the building, do not change the way the building is used, and do not endanger the interests of the company

  • during maintenance work that could affect the stability of the building, its appearance or the environment, and during all maintenance work on the building

You do not need to report maintenance work and some repairs to the building authority. These are the following:

  • facade repairs

  • repairs and replacement of roofing or flat roof surfaces

  • replacement of gutters and downspouts

  • fencing repairs and replacement of its parts, as long as this does not change its route

  • repairs and replacement of non-essential building structures, such as the installation of a floating floor

  • maintenance and repairs of the technical, energy or technological equipment of the building, as long as this does not fundamentally change its connection to the public facilities of the area or worsen the impact of the building on the surroundings or the environment

  • replacement of furnishings, especially kitchen units, bathtubs, built-in wardrobes,

  • painting and painting works 

Insufficient planning

Not everything can be influenced, but with responsible planning you can reduce the probability of failures to a minimum. Careful planning will help you adjust your expectations and reduce time consumption. Ask people you know how long it took them to renovate and how much it cost them.

Choosing a construction company

Not everyone can do Not everyone can do Not everyone can do Even if you are trying to save money when choosing, the most important thing is not the price, but the price-quality ratio. It is pointless to choose the cheapest company that will sloppy work and subsequently need to fix what they messed up. Not everyone can do quality house insulation or roof repair. Contact the experts who will not underestimate any phase of the reconstruction and everything will go smoothly. You will avoid possible inconveniences with complaints about defects during reconstruction .

drill and worker

Work without a contract

Be especially careful with companies that offer work without a contract for a lower price. No contract = no warranty. In the event of a problem, you will not have anything in your hands that would guarantee you the correction of the shortcomings. It may also happen that you pay the deposit, but you will not see the masters again.

Don't pay everything up front

Try to agree an installment schedule with the company in proportion to the progress of construction. It may happen that the company takes the job and leaves halfway through. Even if the contract protects you from such situations, it is better to prevent them than to laboriously seek justice afterwards.


Don't underestimate the true cost. If you find that you don't have enough funds to renovate, it's wiser to postpone it than to settle for a cheaper version of what you really wanted. In order to create an objective picture of the renovation costs, don't forget the details, whether it's choosing the right bathroom mirror or the light switches in the hallway.

Cheap material

You can't expect quality outputs if you don't use quality inputs. Pay extra for quality material that will last as long as possible. Although this increases the initial investment, it is an investment for the future. It is better to pay more now than to repair again in two years. Because it will cost you much more in the end. You can give preference to products marked with a CE certificate . This marking is a guarantee that the product meets the requirements of the EU. This can also be a sign of quality.

Inaccurate measurement

Stick to the saying: "measure twice and cut once." Even half a centimeter can cause problems. If you don't include plaster when measuring the kitchen unit, you probably won't install the unit. Humans are fallible and everyone can make a mistake, but the error rate of experienced masters should be minimal.

van reconstruction

Do you think you can do it yourself?

Thinking that you can do it best yourself can be a big mistake. Not only can most of you not compare to people with several years of experience, but there will be no one to advise you in case of problems. It will be a huge effort to redo an already damaged reconstruction. If tools and the workshop are your best friends, go ahead, just be careful not to overestimate your abilities.


During the reconstruction, you cannot forget about the safety of your work and that of your masters. Insist on a company that meets all safety requirements at work.

Be careful of yourself anyway. Even if it's your home, wear closed-toe shoes as there can be lots of sharp objects lying around on the floor when you're remodeling. Also, protect your hands with work gloves and your eyes with goggles, and above all, always have a first aid kit at hand.

Think about safety and health when choosing the material. There are many healthy materials that can make your home climate support your health. Unfortunately, there are also many toxic and unhealthy materials that can cause a number of health problems.

Material storage

Be careful how you store the material. Especially if the work takes a long time or you bought it too far in advance. Make sure your paints and coatings don't dry before you use them. Also, be very careful with wood or dry mortar preparation. If you let them get wet, you will have a problem.


Make sure your housing lasts as long as possible

Don't forget about ongoing care of your home . Do you know how to maintain the facade so that it lasts like new?How to prevent mold , or how often to clean the fireplace or boiler? In the event that house care is not your forte, you can also turn to experts. How to prevent mold , or how often to clean the fireplace or boiler? In the event that house care is not your forte, you can also turn to experts.



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