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Professional plastering and renovations in Dublin

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Bathroom renovations

House / Home renovations



Simply fill out and submit our free online form to get an immediate price estimate. We will then contact you and confirm the order if you agree with the estimate.



After confirmation of your order, we will issue a payment document and the first deposit will be paid. The team will arrive on the date you set, and will start carrying out the plastering or renovation works. Thanks to a large network of craftsmen, we can provide services on any date you choose.



When you take over the renovated interior, you will just sign the handover protocol so we know that everything went according to your expectations. You will then pay the rest of the pre-agreed amount to our bank account and rate the work of the team.



We work with  hundreds of  skilled plasterers throughout Ireland


Zakázky přes společnost Adam jsou bezpečné, jelikož naši malíři jsou prověření.


Safety is a priority. Professionals are checked and rated by dozens of customers. You only pay for what you really get. In case of any problem, we will provide you with full support and speed up the whole process.

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Don't waste your valuable time choosing and deciding between renovation companies, endless examinations, and negotiating prices. Contact us, Adam will do it for you.


Every project is managed by one of our managers, who will guide you through the entire order and will be available until you take over the beautifully renovated premises.



Plastering and painting in Dublin

Wall and ceiling skimming

Want flawless, smooth walls? We skim walls professionally in Dublin, leaving a perfect finish everytime. We can skim all types of the wall from plasterboards to bricks. Save your time & effort and leave it up to Adam.

Wall and plaster repair

We offer the removal of old plaster and its repair, even from scratch! No job is too small or too big, if you need to repair anything regarding your wall, we are here for you.


Apartment or family house? No problem for Adam! We offer the best quality interior painting in your city for the best price. You can get a free quote in our online calculator.

Drylining and insulation in Dublin

Plasterboard installation

Whether you want to repair existing surfaces or to create a new room in Dublin, we can expertly install and finish plasterboards, drylining or drywall creating a smooth and even surface that is perfect for any application.

Plasterboard ceiling replacement

It doesn't matter if it's wall or ceiling, we will sort out both for you. We can repair leaked or damaged plasterboard ceilings anywhere in your home in no time.

Internal walls insulation

If you have a problem with internal insulation our skilled insulators are the perfect solution for you! Improve the energy efficiency of your home with a drywall insulation, drylining insulation or insulated plasterboards.

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Tiling in Dublin

Wall and floor tiling

We expertly tile walls & floors in Dublin for a beautiful, waterproof finish. Tiling offers timeless appeal with low-maintenance upkeep. From bold mosaics to sleek subway tiles, you can choose whatever fits you the best.

Bathroom tiling

Elevate the elegance of your bathroom or restroom with our professional tiling services. We will ensure a beautiful and waterproof surface that will add character and sophistication to your spaces.

Kitchen splashback tiling

Spruce up your kitchen with an easy-clean kitchen splashback. Add personality to your kitchen together with protecting your walls & elevating your space all at once!

Floor fitting in Dublin

Laminate and vinyl floors

Upgrade your space with our professional flooring fitting services in Dublin, where precision meets design to create a durable and visually stunning foundation that will stand the test of time.

Wooden herringbone floors

Durable laminate or vinyl in classic herringbone adds warmth & style. Enjoy the easy maintenance and timeless look that will effortlessly bring some new energy to your home.

Floor Tiling

Tile your floor to awesome! Tiles come in tons of styles, from classic to funky, and they're super easy to clean up after those inevitable spills. Win-win for busy homes that still want to look great.


Bathroom renovations in Dublin

Sanitary ware installation

We will help you with the installation of sanitary ware and other pieces of equipment in Dublin. We offer the option of material delivery as part of the order. If you are not sure what to choose, we are happy to help you.

Bathroom and restroom tiling

Tired of your bathroom or restroom? Liven things up with tile! Easy to maintain, tons of styles. Create your dream bathroom without the hassle and contact us today through our website calculator.

Bathroom ceiling replacement

Leaked or damaged plasterboard ceiling in your bathroom? No problem for us at all! As well as anywhere else in the house or apartment, we will replace your plasterboard ceiling in no time.

Complete house renovations in Dublin

Partition wall demolition

Experience structural transformation with our wall demolition and renovation services in Dublin, our builders combine precise engineering to redefine the layout of your space according to your wishes.

Stud partition walls

Need extra space? Our expert teams create sturdy, secure stud walls for any room layout. If you are unsure about how to change the layout, you can have a free consultation that will help you to maximize your space.

Home renovations

Whether building new structures, renovating existing walls, or remodeling layouts, we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship in every project we undertake

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How to find a good renovation professional in Dublin?

Locating a reliable renovation professional in Dublin can be challenging. Adam's network of verified craftsmen provides transparent pricing, ensuring quality work at a fair cost.

Adam's service stands out for its convenience. If you're searching for renovation professional near you, our platform streamlines the process, connecting you with local experts. With great availability, we can start your project as early as tomorrow. Whether residential or commercial, our skilled renovation professionals are ready to bring your vision to life.


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"We needed our flat in Dublin renovated, and the entire process was excellent. Seamless communication with Adam and also with the renovation team, who executed the job flawlessly, with precision. The end result left us highly satisfied and pleased with the outcome. Recommended!"