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You will be contacted by the painter 2-3 days before your preferred start date. If you haven't been contacted, please let us know. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please tell us up to 5 days before the planned start.


You have received the final price for your request. In rare  cases described below, the price might be altered. Any changes in price will be discussed before the painter starts working. You will confirm these changes by signing the order form.

When price may be altered?


Everything is confirmed. Our partnered painter will provide all the necessary equipment for the job and will start on the agreed date. When the job is finished, providing you are satisfied with the end result, the painter will ask you to sign the handover protocol.


After signing the handover protocol, you will receive an online payment request via email. All payments are made through bank transfer. We do not accept other forms of payment.

Bank details

Cases affecting the final price

In rare cases, price might need to be adjusted according to the conditions of the estate that painting will be in.

The final price can be changed only when:

  • room is over 25m2 (270ft2) of floor area.

  • ceilings in the room are higher than 3m (10ft),

  • painting surfaces need additional repairs that were not included initially,

  • repairs included are significantly more extensive than described,

  • customer and painter agreed to include additional work not mentioned in the initial request.

Payment for parking to be discussed with painter directly. If there is paid parking, the painter might ask to be reimbursed directly for the time spent on the job.


Bank details & Payment

Once everything will be done according to your satisfaction, you will receive payment request with all the details to perform the payment. In case you would need full invoice, let us know!

Details such as Payee name, Payment Reference, Bank Number will be provided on the document delivered to you or can be found below.

Bank account: 44328524

Sort code: 04-00-75

Payee name: Adam Technology

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