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Ruben G

Painting of rooms, apartments, houses and offices.

Ruben G
High painting quality
Adam certification
Proffesional attitude

"Our founder's Ruben Gutierrez and Miriam Sheridan - Gutierrez  building a company with a fully array of Painting and decorating services for residential, commercial, high rise, townhouses and industrial properties. These services have increased our clients’ property values, safety and aesthetics.

MG Painting is fully equipped with the man power and equipment to provide any painting and decorating services for any type of site."

My painting experiences

Painting walls, apartments, houses, offices and commercial spaces in Dublin

Painting and decorating any kind of woodwork, hanging wallpaper and plaster repairs

White and colored painting of residential and non-residential premises in Dublin

Reviews from my customers

"We are very happy that Adam sent the painter Ruben to us. He did a great job painting our apartment in Dublin. The entire process of painting was very quick and trouble-free. I appreciate the clear form and the quick response to our request. In addition, the painter did the cleaning after painting, so there was no paint mess waiting for us at home."

David - Cookstown, Dublin

"Thank you for the beautiful painting of our apartment. The rooms needed to be painted for a long time, but I did not expect that the new colour would give them such a beautiful look. As if I found myself in another apartment. Entering the request was easy and clear, the response was immediate. The painter Ruben arrived on time, worked very responsibly and used quality paint."

Maria - Perrystown, Dublin

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